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Eid Dinner

The Muslim Student Association with the help of other student organizations sponsor Eid dinner each year for the college community. The tradition of Eid Dinner in Juniata College was started by an Egyptian student named Khaled El-Zahhar and it has become an established Juniata tradition that attracts as many as 200 guests from the campus as well as the surrounding community. Eid celebrates the end of Ramadan, a fasting month for Muslims where they pray for forgiveness, reflect on the past year, and renew their commitment to Allah. At Juniata, Eid is filled with wonderful homemade food, live entertainment, and colorful decorations.

Many people view it as an opportunity to experience Muslim culture, authentic cuisine, music, and entertainment firsthand. Since its establishment, Muslim Students Association has been playing an instrumental part in the organization and executing of this celebration. Our members are on the dance group that performs the Lebanese folk dance Debka -especially popular among our Eid guests-, as well as cook some of the food.