Providence, Rhode Island Alumni Event
October Happy Hour - Ri-Ra
Providence, RI
October 24, 2005

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For the second straight year, the regional Oktoberfest happy hour track made it the whole way to Providence, Rhode Island on October 24 and eight folks came out to take part in the event (doubling the total from 2004). For the second consecutive fall, the regional Oktoberfest happy hour program was set up to help welcome younger alumni to the region. Established alumni from each region were invited to come out and meet and greet and welcome the new alumni base to the region.

At Ri-Ra, in Providence, Rhode Island, the group gathered in a private back room and had dinner and drinks during the night. Great conversation and story-telling were exchanged as well as the sharing and comparing of past Juniata experiences, while everyone was also able to catch up with one another and update friends on current events going on in their own lives. In addition, some planning for future Juniata events in the region took place.

Thank you to Chris Bush '92 for organizing the happy hour event.

If you did not make it out to the event, please plan to join us for a great time at the next alumni outing in the New England area. Keep your eyes on the event calendar and come out to join us for another event soon.

If you are interested in helping organize an event, or if you have ideas for other alumni events in your area, please do not hesitate to email David Meadows '98 in the alumni relations office at

If you want to reconnect with Juniata and your fellow alumni check out our Volunteer Opportunities and the upcoming events on the Calendar of Events schedule.

A special thanks to everyone who attended. If you attended, let us know what you thought of it by filling out our on-line Post Event Evaluation.