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JC-DC Regional Club
October Happy Hour - Thunder Grill (Union Station)
Washington, DC
October 20, 2005

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The annual JC-DC Picnic was hosted by Aliceann Wohlbruck '58 and Bernie Hillenbrand at their farm (Hillenbruck Farm) in Sharpsburg, MD on Sunday, September 25 on a beautiful fall day. A total of 44 (most ever) alumni, family and friends were in attendance for the gathering, including alumni from 1957 all the way through to the Class of 2004.

Guests began to arrive at the farm during the mid-morning hours and by 12:30 p.m. lunch was served. Bill Adams '57 continued with his tradition of manning the grill and cooked up the hot dogs for those in attendance. Prior to lunch, Aliceann and David Corman '77 orchestrated an entertaining and ice-breaking version of Juniata "bingo". Those in attendance had to mingle to get answers to questions on the bingo card, but could only use a person's name just one time on the card. Following a filling lunch, complete with the best apple dumplings ever made (editor's opinion for four years running now), Aliceann formerly welcomed everyone, while David, the president of the JC-DC Alumni Club, addressed the group and updated them on upcoming events.

Jodie Monger Gray '88 gave an update on the Juniata Fund, while Dan O'Sullivan '64 spoke about the importance of participating in the Juniata Admissions Ambassadors (JAA) program. Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Bub Parker '91 provided an update from the College before Bernie and Aliceann were presented a certificate proclaiming the Hillenbruck Farm the official "Country Club Home of the JC-DC Club".

Check out the photo gallery above to see some of the fun that was enjoyed by those in attendance!

Thank you to Aliceann and Bernie for being such wonderful hosts and thank you to David for helping plan and carry out the events of the day.

If you are interested in helping organize an event, or if you have ideas for other alumni events in your area, please do not hesitate to email Bub Parker '91 in the alumni relations office at

If you want to reconnect with Juniata and your fellow alumni check out our Volunteer Opportunities and the upcoming events on the Calendar of Events schedule.

A special thanks to everyone who attended. If you attended, let us know what you thought of it by filling out our on-line Post Event Evaluation.