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Alumni Event in Alaska
Bear Tooth Theatre Pub
Anchorage, Alaska
June 12, 2005


Juniata College alumni and family in the Anchorage, Alaska got together on Sunday, June 12, for a wonderful afternoon of story sharing. Cheryl Bantz Westley '70 (in the pink sweater) and her husband, Bill (right side of the table), as well as Michael Martin '89 (standing on the left) joined Juniata representatives JoAnn Wallace, the Dean of International Programs (the remaining one in the photo) and Paula Martin, Chair of Environmental Sciences and Studies on College Hill, (not pictured) at the Bear Tooth Theatre Pub to reconnect with Juniata.

JoAnn Wallace took time out from her vacation (visiting her son in Alaska), while Paula Martin was wrapping up a year-long sabbatical spent on a boat in Southeast Alaska.

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