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Mountain Day 2006: Cowgirls and Cowboys

Mountain Day

Mountain Day is the oldest tradition at Juniata, in existence in some form since the late 1800's. On Tuesday, September 26, a beautiful fall day presented itself and it was declared Mountain Day 2006 on the Juniata College campus. Students, faculty and staff headed out to Canoe Creek State Park and were advised to dress in a western theme. The main event of the day was a mechanical bull and students, faculty and staff all participated in the action. Juniata professor Larry Mutti put on a bull-riding display that was unmatched as he walked away from the ride while others fell off repeatedly. In addition, it was the Mountain Day that alumni know all too well with tug-of-war (the freshmen won the battle of the classes!), flag football, picnic lunch, nature walks, frisbee, music and canoeing. There was even some swimming (see photo 17 in the gallery) on the 70-degree day.

Buses took many students out to Canoe Creek, while some students, faculty and staff made their way to the state park with their own transportation. The entire Juniata Alumni Office took part in the day as well (see photo 29 in the gallery). Activities got underway at 11:00 a.m. and continued until past 3:00 p.m. Lunch was served at 11:30 (grilled chicken breast, sloppy Joes, vegetarian chili, side dishes and dessert). It was certainly a day for Juniatians to be proud of.