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International Reunion 2007

Two international alumni enjoying the time in Barcelona, Spain View the Event Photo Gallery.

Barcelona, Spain served as the host city for the Juniata College International European Alumni Reunion for the first time in the 23-year history of the event in 2007. The three-day gathering took place from May 18-20 and provided all of those in attendance with great times, great memories and a great experience. Overall, a total of 54 individuals participated in either part or the entire weekend, including Juniata College Vice President John Hille and his wife Tan. Waiting on the guests in Barcelona were lead volunteers and International Reunion hosts Sonia Rubio and Rafael Tourinho, who did an excellent job preparing all of the activities and programming for the weekend.i

The majority of the guests for the weekend arrived and checked into their lodging facility for the weekend during the afternoon/evening of Friday the 18th. The official part of the International Reunion began on Friday at 8:00 when the group gathered at Bar Stinger in downtown Barcelona for drinks, appetizers and plenty of conversation and catching up. Rafael and Sonia welcomed the group to Spain and ever-popular t-shirts comemorating the reunion were handed out so that they could be worn the next day. The engaged and enthusiastic crowd continued with conversation and then departed into the city (various locations) for the rest of the evening.

On Saturday morning those in attendance at the reunion took a two-and-a-half hour guided walking tour of the city. The group wandered through the gothic and medieval part of downtown Barcelona and took in the sights of Roman ruins, the cathedral and some of the most emblematic buildings in old Barcelona. Following the tour, free time was granted to all and groups spent time enjoying lunch as well as many other popular locations in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

On Saturday night, all of the Juniata guests of Barcelona gathered at Costa Gallega Restaurant for the annual alumni meeting banquet. A delicious meal was served and the time at the restaurant concluded with the annual toast. As was the case on Friday night, the group departed into the city, with the majority of folks heading out to a club with Sonia and Rafael for dancing that took place until the early morning hours.

On Sunday morning at the annual business meeting at Hotel Balmoral (one of the lodging sites for the weekend), Vice President John Hille brought news of Juniata and reported on projects that have take place in the recent past or will be taking place in the near future. Sonia and Rafael were presented with matching Juniata College sweatshirts and glasses for their efforts. In addition to lively exchanges, there was discussions of next year's reunion. Frank Corleis and Nikki Smeal offered to host next year's reunion in Koblenz, Germany from May 16-18, 2008 (watch the Juniata web site for details). Frank and Nikki will be looking for additional help from any and everyone in planning the reunion.

Many thanks to Sonia and Rafael. Everyone in attendance would attest to the fact that they did a wonderful job in organizing and planning the gathering in Barcelona. A great time was had by all.


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