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Comments from the Asian Reunion 2007

--Feel like a long time ago, feel like being at home…A little strange, but very very wonderful to see people of Juniata! Thank you!!
---Sachiko Shiota, 1992-1993

--Thanks to Ochiai sensei and Katsuko-san for organizing such a wonderful reunion party and I’m glad to be attending. Time passed so fast.
---Tomoe Okino Hashimoto, 1992-1993

--Thank you very much for giving me this great occasion! I felt really at home. See you all again in Sapporo.
---Kaori (Koike) Nosaka 1991-1995

--It was a great reunion! Very nice to see old and new Juniatians. I hope to come to the next reunion in the future.
---Kazuhiro Abe, 1995-1999

--Thank you for the preparation of the reunion. This is our first step gathering together in Japan. I hope to hold next reunion near future.
---Yumi Machino, 1999-2003

--It’s great to see you all. It’s a great reunion. I hope that there will be a next reunion in a few years. Thank you!
---Akiyo Kaga, 1997-2000

--It is a great pleasure joining this first Asian Reunion in Japan! I really enjoyed being here and we can keep holding this event every so often.
---Minori Matsuda, 1999-2003

--I really enjoyed this reunion! I love JC!! Thank you very much.
---Kazunori Takasago, 2003-2004

--Thanks a lot for president coming from Juniata. I’m glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Ochiai and all other people coming here.
---Kiyoko Takatsuka, 1992-1993

--Thank you very much for organizing the Asian Reunion!! I enjoyed and had a great time. I hope we can keep having reunion.
---Ayako Watanabe, 2000-2004

--I’m very happy to see my old friends. Let’s do this again. I’d like to see other Asian students, too. Thank you very much , Katsuko-san and Mr. Ochiai. I love Juniata.
---Kaori Tomita

--I have to visit Juniata for the next time. Thanks for coming to Japan, everybody.
---Taro Shibuya, 2000-2004

--Thank you for letting me get together with everyone. It’s nice to see people I haven’t seen in so many years. Plus, it’s nice to make some new JC friends. Let’s keep these reunions going. It’s easier for me to come to Japan than Huntingdon, PA.
---Aaron Himmler, 2000-2004

--Thank you for the wonderful gathering in such a lovely place. I love the dear Japanese students I have known and was so happy to see them - Minori, Yumi, Ayako, Taro and Sago. It was fun to meet the students who were at Juniata before me. I hope there will be more gatherings with the Ochiai’s and Betty Ann present.
---Kati Csoman