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Virginia is for (Wine) Lovers

Wine-loving alumni, parents and friends boarded their chariot for hire and set out for Virginia wine country on Sunday, Nov. 8. The tour of three Loudoun County wineries included mini-bus bonding, catered lunch, and wine tastings. While the official response was that all of the wines were good, the group selected the Sunset Hills Vineyard 2008 Sunset Red as the overall favorite. Not to be satisfied with just a fall afternoon of fun, this well-rounded gang of Juniatians toasted the art of song writing and penned a new version of the alma mater.

The Juniata Mater Alma

To Juniata alums and friends,
In praise we raise our glass,
The vineyards we have visited
Have served us all with class,
We loved the taste of Loudon wines
The scen’ry and the fun
We’ll not forget, but can’t recall,
This lovely day of fall!