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Central PA Mid-Winter Gathering

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The annual Mid-Winter Gathering for the Central Pennsylvania (CPA) Juniata Club was held on Saturday, February 23 at the home of Randy ’79 and Pam (Green) ’80 Kochel. The event was a tremendous success with 46 alumni, family and friends in attendance. Alums ranged from the Class of 1950 to the Class of 2006 and there were plenty of familiar and fresh faces that gathered at the Kochel home in Lancaster.

Guests began to arrive at 7:00 p.m. and by 7:30 p.m. the house was full of Juniata College stories, memories and experiences. Awaiting those who attended the event was a wide variety and beautiful display of food, including shrimp and desserts, that was spread throughout the entire house, including a large table of food in the dining room.

Juniata Director of Alumni Relations Bub Parker ’91 was on hand for the event and was welcomed by the CPA club with open arms. Parker gave a short presentation, updating those in attendance about the current events on College Hill and offered to answer any questions the group had. In addition, Pam and Randy welcomed everyone to their home and the event, while Dan O’Sullivan ’64 provided information on upcoming CPA events and volunteer happenings. During Dan’s comment,s Pam and Randy, Chris ’92 and Annette (Reeder) ’93 Bair and David ’88 and Liz (Snavely) ’88 Kantner were thanked by the group for their volunteer efforts in planning the successful event. Finally, Art and Susan Kress, parents of Juniata student Abigail Kress, were recognized as new members of the CPA Executive Board. Their efforts will focus on engaging more parents in the life of CPA regional events.

A special thank you goes out to all three of the couples who were instrumental in helping set up the CPA Mid-Winter Gathering.

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