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CPA Juniata Club Traditional Mid-Winter Gathering

CPA Juniatai Club Traditional Mid-Winter Gathering View the Event Photo Gallery.

The Central PA (CPA) Juniata Club held its “traditional” Mid-Winter gathering on a beautiful, crisp, Friday evening on the 19th of January. The festive affair was hosted by Keith Hartman ’77, with assistance from Dan O’Sullivan ’64, and was the inaugural event for the Counties of Adams and Franklin, both recently welcomed as part of the Central PA Region.

The event was held in Gettysburg, Adams County, at the Dobbin House Tavern. The Dobbin House, built in 1776 by the Reverend Alexander Dobbin, is the oldest and most historic building in a most historic town. The Dobbin House was at first a dwelling for the Dobbin family, and at the same time housed a “Classical School”, the first academy of its kind west of the Susquehanna. Later, the building was a station on the Underground Railroad, and during the Battle of Gettysburg was a hospital for wounded soldiers of both the Northern and the Southern armies. The building’s place in history has been affirmed through it’s recognition on the National Register of Historic Places, the Pennsylvania State Historical and Museum Commission Registry, and Gettysburg Historic Landmarks. It would have been difficult to find a better venue!

Sixty-three alumni, parents, family, and friends met to renew old acquaintances and make new friends during a convivial gathering before dinner. Keith then formally welcomed everyone, and Pam Kochel ’80 offered a blessing. All agreed that the meal that followed was the treat that the Dobbin House Tavern has become known for!

The evening was capped by a 45 minute presentation by Jim Getty, a nationally known and renowned Lincoln historian, interpreter, and actor. Mr. Getty, a resident of Gettysburg, has performed in cities and towns across the nation. A member of the National Speaker’s Association, his voice is that of President Lincoln on A&E’s “Abraham Lincoln: A Biography” and “The Assassination of President Lincoln”. Mr. Getty also portrayed President Lincoln in the Turner Network Film “The Ironclads”, has narrated Aaron Copeland’s “Lincoln Portrait” with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cleveland Pops Orchestra, and his voice is that of President Lincoln at the newly unveiled “With Liberty and Justice for All” exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Jim held everyone in attendance captivated for the entire 45 minutes, ending his presentation with a recitation of Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address”, which was especially appropriate in that the Gettysburg National Cemetery, the site of Lincoln’s Address, is literally diagonally across the street from the Tavern. He ended his portion of the evening by taking and answering several questions from the audience, while staying completely in character!

A special highlight of the evening came as everyone recognized the 90th birthday of Thelma “Smitty” (Smith) Scott '38 by serenading her with a rousing version of “Happy Birthday”. To a person, everyone left eagerly anticipating the next CPA/JC event!

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