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Mountain Day for Alumni

Students at Mountain Day We're bringing Mountain Day to you!

Remember your first year after graduation without Mountain Day? Not fun! Keep the tradition alive and give Juniata a day in the sun at your office. Hang these posters on your door, at the water cooler, or wherever people gather in your workplace.

"Do you know when Mountain Day is?" Use this poster to build anticipation. Tell your colleagues about Juniata's unique centuries-old tradition. Share why it was a favorite tradition and how fun it was to guess when Mountain Day would be.

"It's Mountain Day!" By the time the big day comes along, you'll have had time to prime the pump and get your co-workers excited. Tell them about buses arriving to take students to a local state park for a picnic, touch football against the faculty, and tug-of-war between the classes. Grab a few friends for lunch outside or use it as an excuse to play hooky!

Here's wishing you a Happy Mountain Day!