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Alumni Office Support

The Alumni Office is here to help! Here's a list of some of the ways we can support your regional club and events.

Organization and Training


The Alumni Office will handle the design, production, and mailing of invitations, as well as e-vites. We will also host online registration for each event. For mailed invitations, please submit an Event Planning Form no later than 10 weeks prior to the event. For e-vites only, submit the Planning Form no later than 5 weeks prior.

On-Campus Support

The Alumni Office can arrange food service with the College's provider (Sodexo) for on-campus and local events, if desired. Use of campus meeting rooms and facilities is available.

Communication with Alumni

A list of local alumni and parents can be provided for phoning and e-mail campaigns. We have also found Facebook to be a good tool.

Speakers and College Representatives

The Alumni Office can arrange for faculty, alumni, and college representatives to attend and speak at the event.

Speakers can provide lectures or other presentations, updates of recent developments and changes on campus, or generally mingle with the attendees.