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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarship Programs

Merit-Based Scholarships: Juniata offers an array of competitive scholarships ranging from $8,000 per year to full-tuition, room and board. Merit-based scholarships recognize students for their outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements. All scholarships are renewable annually. Some merit-based awards require a GPA of 3.0 to renew; 3.0 GPA is based on a three-semester period.

National Merit Scholarships: John Stauffer Scholarships are a tremendous opportunity for four entering students who have achieved National Merit Finalist status or National Achievement Finalist status as determined by the governing body under the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.All finalists must come to campus for an interview with the John Stauffer Scholarship selection committee. The awards are full tuition.

Need-Based Scholarships: All students demonstrating financial need are offered financial assistance through the Juniata Fund Scholarship program. Juniata Alumni provide tremendous support each year for this program; it is considered the highest priority giving at Juniata. These funds, along with state and federal dollars, help to bridge the gap between estimated family contribution and college cost.

Financial Aid 2008 - 2009

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The Office of Student Financial Planning works with individual families and considers each family's uniqueness. Need-based grants are available through the Juniata Scholarship Fund as well as state and federal programs.

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Financial Aid Application

All applications submitted by the deadline of March 15 will be reviewed for academic scholarship eligibility. However, separate forms are required for Nomination Scholarships and Eagles Abroad Scholarships by January 2, 2009.

To be sure an applicant is reviewed for all possible scholarship opportunities, it is best for Juniata to have the application by the first week of January during the student's senior year.

Students applying for need-based aid must file The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Suggested filing deadline is mid-February of the senior year.