Resources and Links

This page is a resource list for students. The webpages listed below are useful references for grammar and citation rules, as well as generally helpful information about writing college papers.

General Resource Sites

  • The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University
    A versatile website that covers specific aspects of technical and academic writing. A good resource for research techniques, outline writing, developing a resume, grammar mechanics, and much more.
  • A Research Guide for Students
    Useful site that covers bibliographies, footnotes, endnotes, and parenthetical citations for MLA format, plus information on general research paper writing and ways to avoid plagiarism. Also includes an extensive resource page of its own.


Grammar, Mechanics, and Writing the Paper

  • OWL - How to Use Adjectives and Adverbs
    Confused about how to use countable and uncountable nouns? This site goes over the basics of using adjectives and adverbs properly.
  • OWL - Hyphens
    Figuring out which words should be hyphenated can be tricky sometimes. The OWL lays down the rules of hyphenation and gives some examples here.
  • OWL - Creating a Thesis Statement
    A thesis is what ties your paper together and gives meaning to what you're trying to say. Here, you can find explanations of the different types of theses and specific information on what goes into writing a good thesis statement.
  • OWL - Developing an Outline
    Having problems with the organization of your paper? An outline gives order to your ideas. Learn about the construction of a good outline here.
  • OWL - Transitions and Transitional Devices
    If you're worried about the flow of your paper, this guide is a good quick reference for combining ideas and improving the transitions between sentences.

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