2008 Writing Center Graduates

2008 Writing Center Graduates

Top-Bottom, Left to Right: Kim Reveley, Dan Popernack, Sarah Latham, Bridget DuBrey, Ryan Hamilton, and Megan Bachinski (missing Allison Estright, Amanda Partington, and Lisbeth Rattenborg).


2007 End of the Year
Writing Center Party

Tutors battle

Tutors take on one another in the ultimate epic battle.



Kathleen aka "Spazz Marie" never really got over her excitment of the attack noddle.


Lisa attacking Kathleen

Lisa dismembers Kathleen who has lost a leg.


Lisa attacking Kathleen

And Kathleen is out!


Lisa attacking Megan

Lisa was on a role. Both of Megan's legs are gone.


Lisa attacking Meghan

Lisa continues her domination and takes out Meghan.


Full out Tutor battle

A full-fledge war broke out amongst the tutors.




Photo Gallery

At the 2005 End-of-Semester Party, the tutors celebrate with root beer floats. From left to right, back row: Meghan Fahy, Kathleen Candando, one of the hosts, Steve Knepper, Stephanie Stupic, Craig Dickey, and Alex Rinehart. Front row: Allison Bohac, Charlie Bowerman, and Liz Houts.

Steve Knepper chases down Stephanie Stupic in a round of laser tag at the 2005 End-of-Semester party.

2004 End-of-Semester Party.
Front row, from left to right: Jessica Perry, Carol Peters, and Laura Krystek. Second row: Stephanie Stupic, Julie Tollerton, Steve Knepper, Sara Aftewice, and Laurie Harden. Back row: Elizabeth Houts, Elizabeth Rhodes, Gretchen Stull, and Mr. Craig Dickey

Gretchen Stull, Julie Tollerton, and Jess Perry reload their marshmallow guns at the 2004 End-of-Semester Party.

On the way home from a conference in Allentown, PA. The 2001 crew, from left to right: The Great Cynthia Cato, Tom McGraw, Julie Tollerton, Josh Hicks, Elizabeth Rhodes, and Matthew Wolfe.


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