Erica's Profile
Erica Quinn

Erica Quinn is junior studying Photography and Literature. She hails from White Haven, PA, which is a very, very small town in the Poconos. In her free time, she enjoys petting her mustachioed cat, making long-distance telephone calls, forcing her friends into participating in awkward and publicly humiliating photo shoots, and being the president of the Best Club on Campus, Kvasir. Erica has bushels and bushels of experience with words. She has edited two literary magazines (one of which being the aforementioned Kvasir) and her high school newspaper. She is also very pretentious about grammar. As far as editing is concerned, she especially adores reading literary and art history papers, as well as fiction and poetry. Erica admits that her knowledge of science is sincerely lacking, but she sure will give those lab reports a shot.