Style Guide

College Seal

Designed for use by Juniata, the seal was adopted in 1902. It incorporates the College motto "Truth Sets Free."

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This is the official seal of Juniata College. Use of the seal is reserved for official communications that identify the College's policies and proceedings, for academic honors materials such as diplomas and awards, and communications from the president's office.

The seal may also be displayed for special events on the fronts of podiums, inside and outside College buildings and on College flags. The seal should not be used in advertising, publications or printed materials that publicize a program, activity or service of the College. The seal should not be used for items of clothing and, in general, any item for resale.

Though the seal is normally restricted to the above mentioned usages, exceptions may be granted by the College President, Vice President of Advancement and Marketing and Assistant Vice President of Marketing.