Style Guide

Graphic Style

Graphic style is the use of logos, typefaces and colors to create a clearly recognizable image for an institution. Graphic style standards are necessary for organizations in order to build and communicate a clear institutional brand for its target audiences.

A successful graphic style program will help the College develop strong name recognition by defining a “look” for all College materials that audiences instantly identify with Juniata. This does not mean that all materials must look exactly alike. It does mean that they must all clearly belong to the same family, with wordmarks, logos, typefaces and colors used consistently.

What types of materials apply to graphic style guidelines?

The graphic style guidelines apply to all brochures, publications, periodicals and any other types of marketing materials produced by the college for external audiences.

Materials governed by the graphic style guidelines include, but are not limited to the following:

Some examples of materials that are not governed by the graphic style guidelines are the following:


The president of Juniata has endorsed these graphic style guidelines. The president has designated the Vice President of Advancement and Marketing to review requests for any exceptions or special permissions related to these guidelines. To request an exception, contact the Vice President of Advancement and Marketing (x3131).

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos, such as individual logos for departments, programs or centers, are discouraged, but may be approved by the Vice President of Advancement and Marketing. Secondary logos reduce the impact and effectiveness of the College's brand identity. Any secondary logos that are to be used on College publications or other marketing materials must be approved in advance by Marketing.