Style Guide

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Editorial Style

Style is how writers within vastly different organizations and departments within an organization maintain consistency of language usage. It is designed to reduce confusion in readers and give writers direction as to how to present a coherent communication message to all audiences.

Any organization must give all its audiences a unified logical message through the printed or Internet materials they produce. These style guidelines should be heeded in the hope that all written and Internet materials have a consistent look and readability.

Other useful references for style that may be helpful are The Associated Press Stylebook, Webster's Tenth Edition Collegiate Dictionary and The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White.

Juniata College References

On first reference, write out Juniata College, but on second reference, use Juniata or the college. In any material going to media outlets never capitalize college in the second reference, unless specific style guidelines calling for capitalization are in place (for example, in the Juniata Magazine, subsequent references to Juniata are capitalized - written “the College.”) Never refer to Juniata as “JC” in any context. To most outside readers JC does not refer to Juniata College but rather to a higher power or as a colloquialism for “junior college.”

Spacing Between Sentences

In ALL manuscripts for articles written for any Juniata publication, space only once after a period at the end of a sentence. This is a typesetting convention, not a grammatical point, but editors must remove extra periods from copy, which at best is tedious.