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Branding and Positioning

The Juniata brand, used consistently, will create a powerful, clearly recognizable, and memorable image for the College. The brand standards are necessary for Juniata to build and communicate a clear identity for all its audiences. The Juniata brand will help the College develop strong name recognition by defining a message through all College materials that audiences instantly identify with Juniata. Consistent and effective communication with all audiences of the College is critical to the College's growth and success. Through a consistent use of the brand, Juniata can project a strong, unified and professional image to all audiences, even though communications come from many separate units across our campus. Using these descriptors, positioning statement, and tag line, officially identifies your unit as part of the College, increasing brand identity with your audience and making it more likely that your message will be received.

Five Core Descriptors

  1. Momentum (outcomes, change, buzz)
  2. Flexibility (personalization, I count, I control)
  3. Environment (healthy, responsible, beautiful, safe)
  4. Experience (action, evolution, engaged)
  5. Community (I am supported, service to others, I am at home here)

Incorporate these five descriptors into publications, Web content, and e-communications whenever possible.

Positioning Statement

In a safe and beautiful learning environment amid central Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains, Juniata College is a top national liberal arts college where students benefit from an engaged community, rich traditions, committed faculty, flexible programs, and hands-on academic experiences. At Juniata, students are challenged to think, encouraged to evolve, and empowered to act in a global world.

Alternate Statement

Juniata guarantees students will graduate in four years or less. Most Juniata students complete one (or more) internships, nearly half study abroad, and everybody gains hands-on experience in and out of the classroom. The result? Our students' outcomes -- from jobs to graduate school placements to service to global experience -- speak for themselves.

Incorporate the positioning statement in publications, Web content, and e-communications. Departments are encouraged to establish variations on the statement consistent with their offerings.

Tag Line

Incorporate the tag line in publications, Web content, and e-communications. Departments are encouraged to establish variations on the tag line consistent with their offerings.