Student working with injured bird

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The station is located in the heart of the Ridge and Valley province of the Appalachian mountains. Oak - Hickory forests along with the occasional shale barren dominate the ridge tops and early successional shrub / scrub habitats, maple and hemlock forests, and pine plantations are common in the valleys. The 12,300 acre Raystown Lake recreation area encompasses many aquatic habitats such as cattail marshes, trout streams, the Juniata River riparian corridor and the 8,300 acre Raystown Lake. For the angler, Raystown Lake is a world class bass fishery hosting several major tournaments each year. See the Raystown Country Homepage for more information. Other environmentally interesting areas in the vicinity include an abandoned mining town, caves, springs, acidified streams, colonial iron furnaces, Rothrock State Forest, and Trough Creek State Park. A large peat bog and remnant old growth forest are within an hour's drive.