Scholarship of
Teaching and Learning

Become the Director

The three year commitment made by each member of the advisory board is intended to promote stability for the center while rotating membership encourages evolution in focus and expertise while spreading a culture of systematic assessment across campus.

To apply for the SoTL advisory board, an application for a three year term will be due to the Provost by January 31 of the year prior to joining the board. The application package should contain the following:

  1. Description (limited to two pages) of your personal and/or professional goals for applying to join the advisory board, including any special circumstances (e.g. applying for a sabbatical to leverage additional release time during the year in which you are director) and a statement of commitment to the full 3 year term of an advisory board member.
  2. A current curriculum vitae highlighting information relevant to your SoTL qualifications.
  3. An abstract (limited to one page) of your proposed SoTL project to be conducted while director. Your project may change during your year as director-designate. Providing an initial abstract demonstrates that you are already thinking about potential SoTL projects.
  4. Samples of SoTL work that you have completed (if available).

All applications will be reviewed by the advisory board and the Provost and the applicant will be informed of the status of their application by February 15th. Any faculty member can apply for the SoTL board including individuals who have already completed a 3 year term.