Campus Safety

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Radiation Safety Training Program

Radiation Safety Training is provided to individuals involved in the use of radioactive materials.

The training program includes the following topics:

  1. Biological Effects and Risks from Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
  2. Radiation Units, Terms and their Application
  3. Radiation Detection Techniques and their Application
  4. Exposure Reduction Techniques and their Application
  5. Radioactive Material Procurement, Control and Disposal
  6. Juniata College Administrative Requirements for the Use and Control of Radioactive Materials and/or Radiation Generating Devices

For questions regarding the training schedule or Juniata's Radiation Safety Program, contact Dr. Jill Keeney, Professor of Biology ( or 814-641-3577) or Roy Nagle, Director of Environmental Health and Safety ( or 814-641-3555).