Campus Safety

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Emergency Response

Emergency response and notification procedures will be developed for responding to the following incidents:

These procedures should include the following:


Radiation Worker
It is the responsibility of all who use radiation or are in any way involved with operations involving radiation to do the following:

  1. know what they should do if they know or suspect problems involving radiation;
  2. know who to contact immediately to evaluate the situation; and
  3. know how to isolate the radiation area in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
The Radiation Safety Officer must assume full responsibility for:

  1. The development of effective radiation emergency plans to:
    • promptly and accurately evaluate any unusual incident
    • limit the extent of damage
    • see that personnel receive competent medical attention
    • manage all necessary accident repair and recovery operations
    • institute remedial action to prevent reoccurrence
  2. Instructing all radiation personnel in what action they must take in an emergency.
  3. Providing ample emergency equipment, instruments, and protective devices.
  4. Knowing who to contact for medical, radiological, fire and police assistance.
  5. Notifying proper personnel in the official agencies within the prescribed period of time after discovery of the incident.
  6. Documenting the facts concerning the incident.
  7. Preparing the prescribed reports to official agencies, management, and insurance carriers.

While the responsibility and authority for radiation control may be delegated, the College remains accountable for any damage. It is essential for the protection of Juniata College personnel, financial resources, and reputation that emergency planning receive proper emphasis and that emergency plans keep pace with the growth of the College.