Campus Safety

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Authority and Responsibilities

Is responsible for general direction and assurance of quality measures within the radiation safety program. The President delegates the daily overview to the Provost and Radiation Safety Officer.

Is the person to whom the Radiation Safety Officer directly reports. The provost is the institutional official that signs all correspondence to the USNRC and PADEP. Originals of USNRC documents are filed in the Office of the Provost. The Provost receives and reviews the written report containing the results of the annual radiation safety program audit and recommendations for corrective action.

Radiation Safety Officer
The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) has responsibility for the overall conduct of the program and compliance with license requirements. The RSO has the authority to suspend laboratory operations immediately, in part or in whole, if the laboratory supervisor fails to maintain full compliance with the Juniata College radiation safety program.

If suspension of operations is necessary, the RSO will generate a written incident investigation. This report will describe the reasons for suspension, the actions taken and the recommended corrective actions that need to be implemented to prevent recurrence.

Changes to written procedures or other documents related to the radiation safety program must be authorized by the RSO before implementation. Provided the change does not alter 10CFR20 requirements, Title 25 requirements or license conditions, the change need not be submitted to the USNRC or PADEP as an amendment request.

The Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for:

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