RES Life


Cloister Hall

Room: 14'10" x 12'

Closet: Built in with door

Windows: 3'5"w x 4'10"h (with blinds)

Cloister occupies a central location on campus. There is a patio area on the back side of the building. This is the location of the Storming of the Arch, a student tradition.

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East Houses

Room: 15' x 11'4"

Closet: 42"w x 28"d

Windows: 75"w x 4'10"h (with blinds)

East includes an outdoor pavilion with a grill and air-conditioned suites.  Each suite contains 4 double rooms, a bathroom, and a living room. East provides students with an independent atmosphere away from the rest of campus.

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Lesher Hall

Room: 14' x 11' 8"

Closet: 50"w x 30"d

Windows: 74"w x 52"h (with blinds)

Lesher, an all-female residence hall, includes an upper and lower lounge, as well as a kitchen.  The residence hall is home to the Early Childhood Education Center.

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Nathan Hall

Room: 10' x 9'6'' 

Closet: Wardrobe 

Windows: 6'5'' x 2'4''

Nathan Hall is composed of all single rooms and is air conditioned. The building contains a coffee shop, a covered bike rack, a workout room, and a conference room. 

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Sherwood Hall

Room: 15' x 10'5"

Closet: 27"w x 28"d

Windows: 81"w x 61"h (with blinds)

Sherwood, a first year residence hall, includes a brick patio and an enclosed porch. The residence hall is close to the sports fields on Winton Hill.  A pavilion donated by the Class of 2012 sits in front of Sherwood and is available for student use.

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South Hall

Room: 14'11" x 11'8"
Closet: 53"w x 30"d
Windows: 81"w x 61"h (with blinds)

South has a prime location on campus, sitting in between Lesher and Knox Field. South is home to mostly upperclass students. The offices of the Juniata Football team are located here.

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Sunderland Hall

Room: 15' x 11'4"

Closet: Stand alone dresser

Windows: 77"w x 60"h (with blinds)

Sunderland, which primarily houses first year students, includes a patio and a kitchen. The rooms can be joined to form a quad, and its lawn hosts many campus activities, such as Frisbee and Quidditch tournaments.

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Tussey-Terrace Hall

Room: 15' x 10'6"

Closet: 28"w x 28"d

Windows: 81"w x 60"h (with blinds)

TnT includes outdoor grills, a kitchen, and a large patio area. The residence hall is home to the Residential Life Office, as well as the Global Village's Intercultural Floor.

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