How do I request special medical accommodations (or any other accommodations)?


What do I need to know if I want to draw for a single room?


What if I (and/or my roommate) plan to study abroad or live at the Field Station?


What if I cannot attend room draw?


Can you tell me more about the new residence hall?


How do I apply to live in non-campus housing?




Students with special medical needs must have a certification form filled out by their healthcare provider. This will be reviewed by student services staff to determine the specific housing needs based on the medical information and room availability.  Once completed, the form should be submitted to the Office of Residential Life.

Click here for a printable Health Provider Form


If approved, the Office of Residential Life will work to assist students in meeting their housing needs, provided adequate/appropriate housing space exists. This does not guarantee placement into a specific housing area or roommate requests. Information must be received by Monday, February 16 to be considered.




A limited number of singles are available across campus (approximately 75 in Nathan Hall and 24 scatterd throughout other residence halls). There is an additional charge for all single rooms.


Like all rooms, priority numbers will be used to determine the order in which students can draw for a single. Due to the limited number of singles, we strongly suggest making a backup plan.


Some singles in Nathan Hall have a shared bathroom for two single bedrooms. These rooms will be drawn during the same night as all singles, but must be drawn with a suitemate (same gender unless approved for Gender Inclusive Housing). The suitemate with the highest priority number will represent the pair.



One Semester: We ask that all students going abroad for one semester or to the Field Station arrange for someone to take their place in the room for the semester in which they will be gone. The room with be guaranteed for the semester that you are living in campus housing. If the room in not filled during your time away, the Residential Life Office will fill the space as needed.


Full Year: Students who have pre-registered for study abroad for both fall and spring semesters are ineligible to participate in Room Draw unless they have withdrawn from the study abroad or Field Station program.




If you are unable to attend Room Draw for any reason, you must complete a proxy form and designate someone to select your housing. Proxy forms are only needed if your priority number is the one being used for Room Draw. Your proxy must have your completed form and priority card at Room Draw to be able to select your room.


Click here for a printable Proxy Form




Nathan Hall has three floors with 77 beds, all in single rooms. Each floor has a male and a female bathroom that will be shared by the majority of the residents. A limited number of suites are available with two rooms sharing a private bathroom (some with an additional living space).  Two rooms are available with their own private bathroom.


The first floor houses the laundry room, a coffee shop and lounge, seminar room, and RD apartment. The second floor has a small workout room. A lounge and kitchenette are located on the third floor.

Click here to see the blueprints



Non-campus housing refers to any property not owned by Juniata College. Visit for information regarding this process.


Non-campus Housing Application Opens:  Friday, January 30, 2015

Non-campus Housing Application Due:  Monday, February 9, 2015

Students granted Non-campus approval must notify Residential Life of intentions by Monday, February 23, 2015.