RES Life


The Eco House encourages students to develop and promote a sustainable and 'green' lifestyle. Living in this coed house provides an opportunity to live and work with other students who are committed to the campus community's goal of becoming more sustainable.

Where to Find us

The Eco-House is located at 1610 Moore Street.

Things to Consider

There are 3 important things you need to be aware of if you plan to live in this house:

First, the projects which students pursue to improve the sustainability and environmentally friendly nature of this house are student initiated, student led, and rely on the residents’ commitment to follow through. Therefore, if you are not a self-starter, and/or your academic load for the coming year is heavy, then you should strongly consider living elsewhere. This is important because no one outside of the house ie: Res Life or other parts of the administration will hold you accountable nor monitor you on your projects.

Second, 1610 Moore does not have a washer and dryer, nor a dishwasher. Therefore if you plan to live here you will need to wash your dishes by hand, and wash and dry your laundry elsewhere. While this may seem daunting given the simplicity of dorm life in this regard, it is actually excellent practice for the real world where such amenities may not immediately be available to you.

Third, by joining this house you are making a commitment to your fellow house members on 3 levels. The first level of this commitment is to follow through on your own projects, as well as supporting your fellow housemates on their projects. The second level of commitment is to promote a sense of community. In practical terms, this means spending time together in both structured and unstructured ways. By sharing this time you will build upon relationships that will be crucial to forming and pursuing a common vision for the house. The third level of commitment is to form and respect a code of conduct as members of the house. While you as a house must come up with this code of conduct yourself, we suggest you refer to the Colleges various pre-existing documents on expectations for students as models.