Office of
the Registrar

Independent Study and Credit by Examination and Tutorial

A student may wish to pursue studies not listed as course offerings. In such a case, independent study may be appropriate. Requests for independent study are handled by the Curriculum Committee through the Registrar's Office.

Independent Study:
Students applying for an Independent Study (INS) must make arrangements with a faculty member and register for the course (using forms available in the Registrar's Office and on the Registrar's website) two weeks prior to the semester in which the credit will be earned. The instructor will designate a syllabus, text, or other materials required and will submit to the Registrar an explanation of course requirements (i.e., examinations, papers, and faculty-student conferences). A student may enroll for no more than two Independent Studies in a semester. An Independent Study is considered an upper level course; no more than two Independent Studies are permitted in a POE.

Independent Studies will not carry any FISHN or SKILLS distribution unless petitioned to the Registrar's Office and/or the Curriculum Committee.

Credit by Exam:
Students may be given credit for some courses without participation in class meetings but by meeting all other requirements of the courses. To determine if a course is available for Credit by Examination (CBE), the student should consult the faculty member who is currently teaching the course. If the course is not currently offered a faculty member who has taught the course at least once in the last three years may conduct the course on a CBE basis. A course may be offered CBE only to full-time Juniata students. CBE is intended to be used as an option when scheduling conflicts prevent a student from scheduling a course required for graduation, which will not be available in any other semester prior to their graduation and cannot be fulfilled by any other course. The decision to offer a course CBE rests solely with the faculty member responsible for the course, since not all courses lend themselves to Credit by Examination (e.g., courses dependent on discussions and field trips and laboratory courses). The faculty member currently responsible for a course is NOT obligated to offer the course CBE in a given semester, as each faculty member must consider their own previously scheduled work load. The deadline for CBE registration is the end of the drop/add period during the semester in which the course is to be taken. Independent Study and CBE courses are considered part of the normal load of a student and, if taken as an overload, are subject to the usual overload fee.

During the Summer Session, a student may register for one Independent Study, Credit by Examination, or Tutorial if enrolling concurrently in one regularly offered course.

In a tutorial (TUT) the faculty instructor and the student work closely on a regularly scheduled basis involving lectures, demonstrations, explanations, and evaluation. The purpose of the tutorial is to enable a student to pursue a study which is too complex either in nature or scope to address as an independent study. Through regular contact with the instructor the student will benefit of his/her expertise on a highly individualized basis. Some tutorials are arranged to assist the faculty with classroom activities and for review sessions for large introductory classes. No pay is associated with students who are earning credit for the course.

During the Summer Session, a student may register for one Independent Study, Credit by Examination, or Tutorial if enrolling concurrently in one regularly offered course.

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