Office of
the Registrar

Initial Program of Emphasis (IN-POE) and Program of Emphasis

During the spring semester, freshmen meet individually with both their advisers to plan the IN-POE. In the absence of traditional majors, the IN-POE and later the POE serve to guide students in planning their academic programs of emphasis. The process of drafting the IN-POE provides the student with the opportunity to consider his or her academic and career goals, and to identify carefully those courses that will provide the background, skills, and perspective needed to achieve those goals. Students complete the IN-POE prior to selecting courses for the following year, an opportune time to consider these issues and plan coursework. When both advisers are satisfied with the content and course selection of the IN-POE, students submit the document to the Registrar for approval. Failure to submit the IN-POE can result in academic probation.

The IN-POE is valid only until the spring semester of the sophomore yearPrior to selecting courses for the following year, students are asked to complete a more detailed academic plan, the regular POE, using the IN-POE as a guide. In addition to enumerating academic and career objectives, at this point students are asked to sketch out a complete set of courses totaling 45-63 credits, and to explain how each course or set of courses contributes to the overall goals listed. Again, advisor-approved POEs are submitted to the Registrar. Failure to submit a POE in a timely manner will result in a hold for future registration and a late fee of $50.

Between the spring of a student's sophomore year and the fall of his or her senior year, a student may very well change his or her career plans and embark on a new Program of Emphasis. In cases where the newly chosen POE differs significantly from the approved POE, a student must again complete the POE paperwork for the new program. If the new program differs by only a few classes, a minor POE change form may sufficiently update the paperwork.

In the fall of the senior year, students are asked once again to review the POE they have on file. Again, changes can be made either by drafting an entirely new POE or by completing a minor POE change form. In some instances, the POE completed sophomore year will remain accurate and no changes are needed. The final document, due in the Registrar's Office on or prior to preregistration for the spring semester, is considered a contract between the student and the College; students who do not complete the courses they have listed or who do not have a POE on file, are considered to have failed to meet degree requirements and will not graduate. A $50 late fee may be applied.