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The quality of initial appointments is vital to the quality of teaching and scholarship to which the College is committed. Prospective faculty members are considered on the basis of competency in their specific disciplines, potential or demonstrated teaching effectiveness, and willingness and ability to contribute to and support the total program and general aims of the College. The following statements of policy and procedures are intended to aid Chairs of departments, the Provost, and others who are involved in making initial appointments.

2.3.1 Authority to Hire

Sole authority to hire and retain faculty is vested in the President. Recommendations come to the President from the Provost, who follows the procedures described below to assure adequate consultation with the faculty and full compliance with human rights responsibilities.

2.3.2 Equal Employment Opportunity Commitment

It has been and will continue to be the policy of Juniata College to provide employment opportunities without regard to sex, race, religion, national origin, age, color, or handicap.

The basic principle of the employment policy is that equal employment opportunities be available to all qualified individuals so that all decisions are based solely on their experience and ability, potential and willingness to support the total program and general aims of the College, and advancements based on the individual's achievements in present positions and capacity to succeed in new positions. This policy emphasizes that all applicants for employment and all employees shall receive fair treatment in the initial employment and subsequent employment practices, including, but not limited to, hiring, firing, promotion, layoffs, transfers, and benefits.

The College seeks to maintain highly productive and loyal employees by hiring qualified men and women and providing them with compensation and opportunities for advancement in accordance with this policy.

The College advertises openings so that persons have an equal opportunity to learn about available positions. Advertising procedures are designed to reach an applicant pool which fairly reflects the relevant labor force profile. Advertisements will be specifically noted and documented with actual copies when possible, and are filed in the office of Personnel Services.

2.3.3 Procedure for Hiring Faculty

When, after appropriate consultation, the President determines that a position is open, a written document is prepared, usually by a Department Chair, and approved by the President and Provost, which includes (a) the position title, (b) a summary of responsibilities, (c) education, training, or experience required, and (d) additional criteria, if any. This document becomes the basis for advertising and is filed in the Office of Provost.

Advertising procedures are designed to reach an applicant pool which fairly reflects the labor force profile, including women and minorities. In all cases this will include some form of general advertising. In addition, announcements are frequently placed with graduate schools and in professional journals. All advertising is arranged with the approval of the Provost.

2.3.4 Recruitment File

For each position a file is maintained in which copies of all inquiries, applications, resumes, recommendations and other correspondence are placed. The file should carry information on each candidate, including notations as to which candidates were judged unqualified, which candidates were invited for interviews, evaluations of the interviewers, and the name of the candidate who was offered the position. During and after the search, files are maintained in the office of the Provost. After the appointment is made, the file will remain in the office of the Provost for one year.

The resume, letters of recommendation, and other materials of the appointed faculty member are retained in the personnel file in the office of the Provost.

2.3.5 Periodic Review

The Director of Personnel Services, Provost, and the Personnal Evaluation Committee periodically review the administration of faculty personnel policies and, where deemed necessary, implement changes which will insure equitable treatment of all employees or prospective employees of the College.

Revision to Section 2.3 was approved by the faculty, November 5, 2014
Revision to Section 2.3 was approved by the faculty, February 4, 2015