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2.2.1 Contract Types Term Contracts

Term Contracts at Juniata College are given to Part-time Per Course, Adjunct, and Visiting faculty members, and are limited to the term of employment outlined in the letter of appointment. Term Contracts are not tenure track and do not confer upon a faculty member an entitlement to continued employment after the term specified in the letter of appointment expires.

Term Contracts may also be used with Full-time and Pro-rata ranked faculty in special circumstances as follows: all summer session contracts; for replacements for one semester or year for faculty on leave on a full-time or pro-rata basis; or for short-term curricular needs at the time of appointment, with the approval of the Provost, in consultation with the Department Chair. Probationary Contracts

Full-time ranked faculty in their probationary period, normally six years, may have a one-year, initial three-year or a one-year growth probationary contract. See Section for descriptions of probationary appointments. The length of the probationary period may be shortened in some cases for prior experience in teaching at another institution. See Sections 2.7.2 and 2.7.6. Subsequent Three-Year Contracts

Full-time ranked faculty who at the end of their probationary period have been offered and who have accepted a second three-contract will be said to hold a subsequent three-year contract. Faculty employed under subsequent three-year contracts are entitled to a renewal of the three-year contract unless non-renewal occurs for one of the reasons specified in Section 2.2. F. Continuing Contracts

Continuing contract rights at Juniata College are given to ranked faculty members who have been granted tenure as provided for in Section 2.7 of this Handbook. Faculty members employed under continuing contract are entitled to annual contract renewal and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of employment that exist at the time of each annual renewal by Juniata College unless separated for one of the reasons specified in Section 2.7.5. One-Year Terminal Contracts

One-year terminal contracts may be given to full-time ranked faculty persuant to Section and Section 2.8.

2.2.2 Terms of Appointment

The terms and conditions of every appointment to the faculty shall be stated or confirmed in writing, and a copy of the appointment document shall be supplied to the faculty member. Any subsequent extensions or modifications of an appointment, and any special understandings, and any notices incumbent upon either party to provide, shall be stated and confirmed in writing, and a copy shall be given to the faculty member.

With the exception of special appointments clearly limited to a brief association with Juniata College (e.g., visiting faculty, replacement faculty, reappointments of retired faculty members on special conditions, and other appointments made for special reasons), all full-time appointments shall normally be of six kinds: Probationary One-Year Appointments

Normally, all full-time ranked faculty will be on probationary one-year appointments during their first three years of employment. Notification of non-renewal for the second year must occur on or before March 1 of the first year of employment. Notification of non-renewal for the third year must occur on or before December 15 of the second year of employment.

Evaluations for renewal or non-renewal for the first two years are conducted by the Department Chair and Provost as specified in Section During the third year of employment persons will be evaluated and offered one of the following at the option of the College: (1) a one-year terminal contract, (2) a three-year contract, (3) twelve months' severance pay, or (4) a one-year growth contract. Third-year evaluations will be conducted by the Personnel Evaluation Committee. Procedures are described in Section One-Year Terminal Appointments

Persons who receive notice of termination after the beginning of the third year of full employment, or less than one year before the end of a multiple-year contract, will receive either a one-year terminal appointment or twelve monts' severance pay at the option of the College.

Decision for such action will be made by the Provost in collaboration with the Department Chair and the Personnel Evaluation Committee. One-Year Growth Contracts

Upon recommendation of the Personnel Evaluation Committee the Provost may offer a one-year growth contract to a person being considered for an initial three-year appointment. The Department Chair, or designate, and the Personnel Evaluation Committee will write the growth plan in consultation with the person under review. If the person elects to accept the growth plan, the Committee and the Chair will conduct another evaluation during the growth plan year according to procedures specified in Section If the evaluation is positive with respect to the growth contract, the Committee may recommend that the one-year growth contract be considered the first year of a three-year contract. If not, a one-year terminal contract may be recommended. Initial Three-Year Appointments

Faculty in their third year of employment who show outstanding promise in their contributions to Juniata College, the criteria for which shall be established at the sole discretion of the faculty and administration, providing the Board of Trustees concurs therein, are eligible to receive an initial three-year contract. Evaluation for a subsequent three-year contract will occur during the third year of this initial contract. Should the College choose not to offer an initial three-year appointment, a one-year growth contract, a one-year terminal appointment or twelve months' severance pay, at the option of the College, will be offered. Subsequent Three-Year Appointments

A second three-year appointment will be offered to those outstanding individuals who meet the following criteria in an exemplary way: teaching performance, advising skill, value to the institution, service to the College, intellectual potential, scholarly achievement, including possession of a terminal degree, and service to the larger community. The definition of the foregoing criteria shall be conclusively determined by the faculty and administration, providing the Board of Trustees concurs therein. Review for a second three-year contract is conducted by the Personnel Evaluation Committee of the Faculty as specified in Section Failure to meet these criteria will result in the offering of a one-year terminal appointment or twelve months' severance pay, at the option of the College. According to policies detailed in Section 2.7, acceptance of a subsequent three-year appointment is not identical to the receipt of tenure, but signifies that when tenure positions are available, individuals with such appointments are included among the candidates from whom those finally recommended are drawn. Procedures for this are specified in Section Tenured Appointments

The Provost will inform the Personnel Evaluation Committee as to the number of available tenured positions. Persons holding subsequent three-year contracts shall be candidates for those positions. Tenure will be granted to those holding subsequent three-year contracts in order according to the length of time since the first subsequent three-year contract was granted.

2.2.3 Locus of Appointments

All faculty appointments to probationary or continuous contracts have as the locus of their appointment the department of the College which is stated in the annual letter of appointment.

2.2.4 Issuance and Receipt of Contract

All ranked Full-time and Pro-Rata Faculty (probationary and continuing) contract offers for any academic year must be issued on or before May 1, and be returned on or before May 15, or the first working day thereafter. If the contract offer is not accepted on or before May 15, or a special arrangement made with the Provost, the offer will automatically expire.

All Term Contracts are issued on an individual basis as the necessity arises.

2.2.5 Tenure and Contract Procedures

In 1970 the Board of Trustees officially approved a statement of tenure for members of the Juniata College faculty. Persons currently having tenured status are covered by this statement, which is detailed in Sections 2.7.2 and 2.7.5 below. Persons not currently on tenure are covered by the statement approved by the Board of Trustees in 1976 and in Sections 2.7.2 and 2.7.3 below.