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2.15 Department Chairs


In the role of Chair, the Department Chair reports to the Provost.

  1. The Chair is appointed for a term of three years by the President on the recommendation of the Provost. The term may be renewed.
    1. Before recommending a candidate, the Provost will consult with department faculty.
    2. The candidate must be a full time faculty member.
  2. The Provost will annually recommend to the President a stipend to be offered to the Department Chair for the semesters during which s/he serves as Chair. Upon agreement by both the Department Chair and the Provost, this stipend may be replaced or supplemented by appropriate release time.
  3. The Provost will provide appropriate orientation and support for department Chairs.
  4. The Department Chair will be reviewed annually by the Provost.
  5. A Department Chair may be relieved of administrative duties at any time during the term of appointment. The President can relieve the Department Chair of administrative duties if there is a clear indication of the necessity for such action. Before removing a Chair, the President will consult extensively with the department members and the Provost and will give the Chair an opportunity to respond concerning the allegation or problem. Being relieved of administrative duties does not affect the Chair's status as a faculty member.


The Department Chair coordinates the academic and administrative functions of the department or program. In collaboration with department faculty, his/her responsibilities include:

  1. Liaison/representation to college constituencies and outside groups;
  2. Scheduling of courses, approval of new courses, design of POEs and acceptance of transfer credits;
  3. The acquisition, disbursement, and administration of department resources;
  4. Departmental meetings;
  5. Evaluating and coordinating the evaluation of faculty members;
  6. Departmental planning and assessment;
  7. Assisting department members in achieving departmental and professional goals, and serving as an advocate for those efforts;
  8. Fostering a collegial and productive relationship among department members.

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