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Office of Student Activities Staff

We are here to assist you with any questions you may have about clubs, activities, or anything else that might pop in your head, to the best of our abilities! ~The OSA Team

Student Assistants

Haley Chandler-Reed

Matthew (Matt) Colabella
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POE: Religious Studies

Graduation Year: 2018

Why I love Juniata: I love Juniata because of all the amazing people you get to meet while you're here and the close family of friends you create along your journey at the school.

Zachary (Zach) Eischeid

Heather Gahler

Jon Geyer

POE: Environmental Science with a Secondary Emphasis in Geology

Graduation Year: 2016

Why I love Juniata: I love Juniata because it's a place where I am able to play baseball, receive a great education, and make many connections.

Alex Han

Jocelynn Jackson

Alexandra (Alex) San Miguel

POE: English Secondary Education

Graduation Year: 2016

Why I love Juniata: For a small school in the middle of nowhere, Juniata has given me so many unique, out of this world opportunities!

Rachel Willis

POE: Psychology

Graduation Year: 2018

Why I love Juniata: I really do feel understood and cared for by my professors here at Juniata.

Thida (Marigold) Win

POE: Management and Accounting with a Secondary Emphasis on Communication

Graduation Year: 2017

Why I love Juniata: Juniata teaches me how to tell stories about my cultures and my identity.

Contact our student assistant staff by calling (814) 641-3330 or emailing

Professional Staff

Jessica R. (Jackson) Mumford, Director of Student Activities & Ellis Hall

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Off-Campus Residence Director

Stephanie Meyers, Customer Service Representative - Office of Student Activities/Accounting Services

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