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No Red Carpet? Students Premiere Films
May 5, 2016
On Thursday, April 28th, the Integrated Media Arts (IMA) department hosted a Student Premiere Night which featured the work of students from both the Digital Video Production (IM 360) and Video Production (IM399) courses under the supervision of Ryan Gibboney.
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Photographer Focuses Project on Body Image
May 3, 2016
"It just came to me," said senior Doriana Hymen about her inspiration behind her photography project #IAmMe. Hymen invited students to participate in anonymous one-on-one modeling sessions, but unlike most modeling sessions, she asked her participants to select their least favorite body part to put on display. This unconventional art campaign addresses body positivity in a unique way that allows students to accept their flaws and insecurities.
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Speaker Outlines Improving Education for African Girls
April 29, 2016
On Monday April. 18, Yassin Sarr-Fox, the founder of Starfish International, a Gambia-based non-profit grassroots organization, discussed the importance of advancing education for African girls.
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Student Club Holds 'Amazing Race' Contest
April 27, 2016
Young Business Minds, a club at Juniata, hosted their own version of "The Amazing Race" on April 21. The event was based on the TV show and included both mental and physical challenges. It was open to any team of two. There are five members in Young Business Minds. "We wanted to think of something fun to do on campus, so we brainstormed and came up with the idea about a month ago," says Tiffany Carter '17, one of the members of the club.
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Reading Advocate: LeVar Burton Visits Juniata
April 26, 2016
On April 24, LeVar Burton gave a reading of his new children's book, "The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm," as part of the Juniata Presents Series.
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Healthy Relationship Workshop for Student-Athletes
April 25, 2016
As part of an informational series focused on educating Juniata students on issues surrounding sexual assault and harassment, both men's and women's athletic teams attended a Healthy Relationships workshop run by Jodi Althouse, a guidance counselor here at Juniata. Student athletes from the various sports teams discussed what makes relationships healthy or abusive.
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Student, Alumna Speak on Genocide Awareness
April 22, 2016
On Thursday, April 14, the FEAST for Burundi took place at the Stone Church. FEAST stands for Food, Expression, Arts, Songs and Thoughts, and was organized by PAX-O as part of the Genocide Awareness and Action Week (GAAW). The dinner raised $556 that will be donated to Maison Shalom, a non-profit grassroots organization founded by Marguerite Barankitse to care for Burundian refugees.
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Experiencing Poems Focused on Genocide
April 21, 2016
On April 12, students, faculty, administrators and community members alike last week communed for one of the closing events of the Genocide Awareness and Action Week, appropriately titled Trauma Through the Generations: A Night of Poetry.
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Construction Plans for Juniata in Summer '16
April 20, 2016

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Looking at Genocide in a New Way
April 19, 2016
On April 13, Zeljana Varga '13 came to speak on behalf of her research for Genocide awareness week. She was in the Peace and Conflict program at Juniata and was also the chair of the Peace Studies Club. Currently a graduate student at George Mason University, Varga has been working on a project that addresses genocide through an unprecedented medium. Varga chose spoons. Her project is called "The Life of a Spoon in a Concentration Camp."
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