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Bailey Winner Speaks on Leadership, Financial Planning
October 3, 2015
On Sept. 24, Julia McMurry spoke about financial planning alongside local financial advisor Christine Baker-Shuck from Ameriprise Financial in the Brumbaugh Academic Center.
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Students Volunteer at Special Olympics Sectionals
September 28, 2015
On Sept. 28, Juniata College students, Pennsylvania athletes with special needs, coaches and friends came together to participate in the Central Fall Sectionals of the Pennsylvania Special Olympics.
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Juniata's Pridefest Creates Supportive Environment
September 22, 2015
On Sept. 19, Juniata hosted Huntingdon County Pridefest, a celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history and diversity around the area. At the event, which was open to the community, student clubs and organizations set up tables where people could learn more about the mission of each club.
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OFF CAMPUS: Don't Tread on Them -- Local Volunteers Clean Up Tires
September 21, 2015
HUNTINGDON, Pa. -- On Sept. 19, volunteers from Juniata College and from a four-county area came together to help maintain the natural beauty found in central Pennsylvania by participating in the 10th annual Tire War.
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Juniata's LGBTQ Community Celebrates Pride Week
September 18, 2015
Over the summer, the United States Supreme Court passed a law that allows for same-sex marriage across the country. From Sept. 14-19, Juniata College celebrated Pride Week, a time to recognize and respect the culture that the gay communities have built and sustained. Connor Hunter-Kysor '16, weighed in on Juniata's Pride Week, as well as Prism, the College's LGBTQ organization.
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ON CAMPUS: College Hosts Global Village Dinner
September 18, 2015
Juniata hosted its first Global Village dinner of the year on Sept. 8 for international students. This is a meal primarily held for first year students to help them get accustomed to Juniata. Each person was invited to bring one of their friends from the United States as well. There were about 10 students who attended, and several volunteered to prepare the meal and serve it.
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Said What? Quotes Propelling The Lives of Students
August 24, 2015
John Green once said, "Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting." At times students use quotes to keep them inspired and motivated to handle the obstacles of life. Therefore, we asked five students to name their favorite quotes and why.
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JCEL: Entrepreneurship and Start-ups at Juniata
June 15, 2015
Located in the Sill Incubator on Moore Street, the Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (JCEL) houses both student and community businesses. JCEL is an environment for students to explore, create, and be inventive. Director of JCEL Terry Anderson, assistant professor of business, took the opportunity this week to stress that students should be aware of the resources they have on campus regardless of their POE.
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Human Rights and African Immigration
May 19, 2015
In recent news, there has been a surge of migrants immigrating to Europe from regions of Africa, mostly North Africa. These immigrants, using corrupt smugglers and unseaworthy ships to reach their destinations, are faced with major issues in their home country and flee to safety for a better life. The countries they left are often in social and economic chaos. The countries they are fleeing to often are not capable of handling the number of immigrants arriving on their shores. In order to gain more insight on this topic, we asked Alison Fletcher, associate professor of history, for more information.
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Summer Relaxation: Five Great Books to Read for the Summer
May 7, 2015
As summer quickly approaches, many students at Juniata will be heading off to work at summer jobs, to complete internships, to volunteer, or to just relax after a heavily involved year of college. For everybody who is relaxing this summer, a good book is the great way to use this time. Recently, Mark Hochberg, Charles A. Dana Professor of English, sat down to discuss his five best recommendations for books to read this summer.
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