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Marching for Life: A New Generation of Pro-Life Activists Seeks to Change the Terms of Debate

Four days following the inauguration of President Barack Obama, thousands of Western Pennsylvanians will board buses and set off for the nation's capital to commemorate an entirely different occasion. Forty years following the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, Washington, D.C., will host the annual March for Life at an important juncture for the pro-life cause. (read more)

Funding Follows Students: Make Educational Grants More Accessible

In the hubbub over Gov. Tom Corbett's statement about cuts in higher education in his budget address, there was one point that was lost: we need to find a new model for funding higher education and that model needs to be one in which the dollars follow the student. I couldn't agree more. (read more)

Higher Education Financial Focus Should Look Outside

Nothing tends to focus the mind more than impending doom in the form of the speeding train that is our current financial crisis. Colleges and universities across the nation are studying spreadsheets as if presidents and provosts were scholars examining the Dead Sea Scrolls, but the focus on higher education should not be self-involved but rather on the students in our classrooms.(read more)

They’ve Had Their Six

How will you spend your tax cut? I expect to save some and pay off some bills, but I will not be making any major purchases, such as a car. I will certainly not be employing anyone with my tax cut, and I cannot see how my new spending habits will lead to anyone becoming employed. (read more)

Rockstar Politics Must be Careful Not to Go Off-Tune

Barack Obama has been criticized for allowing his celebrity appeal to trump policy issues during his struggle for the presidency, but it is exactly Obama’s “rock star” status which will save the world. (read more)