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Date Night: The Ideal Valentine's Day

(Posted February 14, 2014)

What is your ideal Valentine's Day? Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

On Feb. 14, the restaurants are packed, the roses are sold out, and the chocolates are opened. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love. This week students gave their opinion on their ideal way to celebrate this holiday.

Kara Shepard '17, Broad Brook, Conn.

"I would celebrate not only with my mate, but with my family as well because I love them dearly. Valentine's Day is all about love and appreciation."

Skukura Aziza Woods '16, Los Angeles, Calf.

"My ideal Valentine's Day would be at home with the person I love. I'd make a steak and enjoy wine with a candlelit dinner while listening to some slow jazz songs playing. Then we'd cuddle and watch movies...and if I got flowers and a handbag, I'd be happy too."

Roni Laub '17, Harrisburg, Pa.

"I've never dated anyone, so my ideal Valentine's Day is watching Netflix and eating popcorn. And my dad always sends me flowers. It is just a great day to kick back and relax."

Tianjing Pan '16, Bejing, China

"I'd take a rocket to the moon with my girlfriend, because I like to experience new things. It is also a pretty romantic idea. I would also get a lot of flowers."

Emily Alexander '17 Harrisburg Pa

"My ideal Valentine's day is spending the day with my special someone. There doesn't have to be flowers or chocolates or anything special, it is just about spending time with those you love."

Marlene Matula '17 Online Journalist

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