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Why Juniata: Freshmen Explain Choice

(Posted September 23, 2013)

Freshmen explain why they came to Juniata. Photo by Kelly Russo '14

Senior year of high school is a very exciting time for most students. Prom, senior trip, homecomings and sports events all are devoted specifically to seniors. All of these fun activities contribute to the senior experience. Among the most exciting events of senior year is choosing a college to spend the next four years. Freshmen relate why they chose Juniata:

Jessie Murray, '17, Carlisle, Pa.
"I choose Juniata for the Raystown Field Station. I'm interested in Environmental Science and the field station is a great place to study."

Anthony Downey, '17, Palmyra, N.J.
"I came to Juniata so I could continue to play football, just like I did in high school. The academics are a plus too."

Macy Crouse, '17, Needmore, Pa.
"I choose Juniata because of the high medical school acceptance rate."

Mo Slinger, '17, Pittsburgh, Pa.
"I decided to come to Juniata because it just felt right. I love it here."

Becky Hingley, '17, West Chester, Pa.
"I choose Juniata because there were more pros than cons when weighing my options. Juniata was the school that fit my needs financially, athletically, and educationally."

--DaVon Jackson '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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