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Chain Reaction: Juniata Students Topple World Record for Mattress Dominoes

(Posted October 12, 2009)

Students start the dominoes toppling at the beginning of the Mattress Dominoes world record attempt.

Toppling into one another like tenpins at a bowling alley, 157 Juniata students set a world record (for now) by lining up throughout the Juniata campus quad and falling into each other while gripping their dormitory mattresses.

This event, known as mattress dominoes, was a world record attempt and is currently under approval by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Previously the world record was 121 people. The official time for the toppling event was 1 minute, 34 seconds. The domino line started in front of Ellis Hall and raced up the campus walkway and curled around the von Liebig Center for Science and ended in front of the library.

"I will never organize another event like this, it was overwhelming at times," says Laura Hess, a junior from Broad Top, Pa. and, with Leah Cullen, a junior from Pittsburgh, Pa., the organizers of the event. "The actual event was fun because we were part of the event I was number 30. It was neat when the dominoes reached the end because everyone was laying down on their mattress cheering. It was a pretty loud celebration."

The college will receive a certificate from the Guinness Book of World records as the official world record holder until another sanctioned group breaks the students' record. The event was sponsored by the student clubs, JC Rotoract and the JC Gym Class Club.

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