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September 3 - January 22, 2000

Alexander McBride: Messages from Inner Space

Exhibition Installation

Green Torso, 1999, acrylic on paper

Blue Opening, 1999, acylic on paper

October 8 - February 26, 2000

GŁnther Spaltmann - Verfolgt/Pursued

GŁnther Spaltmann (1914-1994) was born in Duisburg, Germany. He painted throughout his life and exhibited his works in Germany in the 1960s and in the United States in the late 1970s.

Spaltmann’s work was influenced by prominent styles of early twentieth-century modernism, including Post-Impressionism, German Expressionism, Cubism, and the works of Paul Cťzanne, Emil Nolde, August Macke, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Klee. From these sources, Spaltmann formulated a personal style that emphasized the visual and emotional power of color.

Spaltmann’s art and life were impacted greatly by the political events of World War II. In his work, he comes to terms with the conflict between his humanist philosophy and his life during this period of inhumane activity. Spaltmann’s paintings respond to the effects of life in Nazi Germany, so vividly suggested in his painting Verfolgt from 1939. Despite the pain, horror, and suffering he witnessed and experienced in the physical world, Spaltmann, through his art, expressed a visual world of joy, light, and color to take its place.

The Juniata College Museum of Art would like to thank Mrs. Rosemarie Siebke and Dr. William Russey for making this exhibition possible.

Verfolgt, 1939, oil on paper
Permanent Installation

Selections from the Worth B. Stottlemyer Collection

The installation of the Worth B. Stottlemyer Collection marks an important step in the presentation of the college's permanent collection.  Highlights include significant paintings by Hudson River School artists, portrait miniatures, as well as Old Master and nineteenth-century prints.   Over time, additional selections from the Museum's diverse holdings will be installed to complement the Stottlemyer Collection.  The Worth B. Stottlemyer Collection will remain permanently on view in the Edwin A. and Susan Rabinowitz Malloy Gallery.

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April 14 - September 2, 2000

Uncommon Visions: Archival Views of Juniata's Past
A Memorial Exhibition for Harold B. Brumbaugh

This selection of historic photographs from the museum's collection presents a view of the college's early history, from its founding in 1876 through the 1920s. Among the photographs are vintage and rare images of the college, student life, and the surrounding Huntingdon community. The exhibition is presented in conjunction with Nancy Siegel's recently published book of the same title, which will be available at the museum for purchase.

Copies of Juniata College: Uncommon Visions of Juniata's Past will be available at the museum on April 14, at the exhibition opening or contact the Juniata College bookstore at 814-641-3381. Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Friends of the Museum Program.

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