JCMA Previous Exhibitions


September 23- November 5

Antoin Sevruguin and the Persian Image

Antoin Sevruguin (late 1830s-1933), an Armenian Christian who lived most of his life in Tehran, was one of Iran’s most creative photographers of the late nineteenth century. He recorded intriguing images of Iran, its people, and their culture at a time of significant change. Moving comfortably among diverse worlds, he took official images of the shah and royal court, he ran a portrait photography studio open to the public, while traveling and documenting sites of ancient Persian civilization.  Everyday life also held a strong fascination for him: from military parades and ceremonies to young girls in traditional dress and even a traffic jam on a main avenue in Tehran. Despite his prominence, most of Sevruguin’s work was destroyed during his lifetime, a result of the tumultuous political events of early 20th-century Iran.  Antoin Sevruguin and the Persian Image is organized by the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution and circulated by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES).

Antoin Sevruguin, Village Girl, c.1875, gelatin silver print. Courtesy of the Myron Bement Smith Collection, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives, Smithsonian Institution

November 18 - February 25

Bruce Erikson: Unravel

This exhibition showcases the work of Bruce Erikson, who joins the department of art and art history at Juniata this year as assistant professor of fine arts. Professor Erikson is a masterful painter and teacher.  His often narrative style comes, says Erikson, “from personal recollections, memories and dreams which use everyday actions that are often overlooked in significance.” His paintings blur the line “between nostalgic projections and true recollections by paying homage to the literary, theatrical and cinematic.”


Bruce Erikson, Cutter of Lilacs, 2003-04, center panel of triptych on birch panel, 24" x 36" flanked by two 12" x 36" unhinged wings, image courtesy of the artist

March 17 - April 7

Student Exhibition

This annual event brings together works by students in the Fine Arts program at Juniata College working under the direction of Alexander McBride, Jack Troy, and visiting artists.


Installation of previous Student Exhibition depicting the variety of media in which students work. Juniata College Museum of Art

April 21 - September 9

“ARTISTS ENLIST!” Military Posters from 1914-1945

ARTISTS ENLIST! examines the cultural and didactic role played by posters produced during WWI and  WWII as important tools of communication on the home front. This exhibition considers how posters urged citizens "back home" to enlist for combat, conserve key resources, identify with the national cause, and support political allies.  The selection of more than twenty vintage posters includes examples from World War I and World War II and features designs from various countries including the United States, Germany, Great Britain, France, and Canada. The posters demonstrate how artists and illustrators "did their part" during the wars and reveal the transformation of graphic design from the Beaux-Arts tradition of the early twentieth century to the movie-poster style of the 1940s. Works for this touring exhibition are on loan from the Army Heritage Museum, Carlisle, Pennsylvania and organized in conjunction with The Trout Gallery, Dickinson College.



George M. Richards, “Oh Boy! That’s the Girl!...” 1918, lithograph, photo courtesy of the Army Heritage Museum, United States Army War College