JCMA Previous Exhibitions


September 24 - October 30

Rembrandt: the Consummate Etcher & Other 17th-Century Printmakers

Rembrandt is generally considered one of the most important figures in western art history. This ranking has been remarkably stable in the three hundred years since his death and is due, in part, to his virtuoso style, the wide range of subject matter that he included in his work, and his prolific output. Typically, it has been his painting that garners the most attention with the public, but his etchings demonstrate the same genius, diversity of subjects, and vitality that he generated with his brush. This exhibition brings together the printed work of Rembrandt and some of his contemporaries. Arranged in thematic groups including landscapes, genre, portraits, and religious subjects, visitors will discover the similarities and differences as well as the technical achievements of these talented individuals. This exhibition is on loan from and organized by the Syracuse University Art Collection.

Rembrandt van Rijn,The Pancake Woman,1635, etching. Syracuse University Art Collection
November 19 - February 26

Troy/McBride: Imagined Discoveries

This exhibition celebrates the artistry of the fine arts faculty at Juniata College. Combining acrylics, ceramics, and language, Jack Troy and Alexander McBride explore image/text relationships as paintings, pots, and poetry shape the gallery space. “I am one of many potters who feel rewarded by orchestrating a dance between the tentative certainties and the inevitable mysteries of working with clay,” explains Jack Troy. That sense of mystery and accidental discovery is shared by Sandy McBride: “I am trying to invent a “unique world” that comes from inside me; from my imagination. I work spontaneously, letting accidents of form build one upon the other.” To complement the vision and process of creativity which are fully explored in this exhibition, Jack Troy will provide a poetry reading on the evening of the opening reception.

Alexander McBride,The Sacrifice,1997, acrylic on canvas. Photo courtesy of the artist.
March 18 - April 9

Student Exhibition

This annual event brings together works by students in the Fine Arts program at Juniata College working under the direction of Alexander McBride, Jack Troy, and visiting artists.
Student Exhibition depicting the variety of media in which student work. Juniata College Museum of Art.
April 22- September 10

Mark Conti - Photographs

A graduate of Juniata College in 1975 and a mentor to many of the photography students at Juniata, Mark Conti returns to campus for an exhibition of his recent photographs. Combining the themes of the landscape and the figure, Conti presents imagery that confronts and excites our sense of space and form. “These ‘macro’ landscapes and abstract images challenge viewers to react to this fragmented view of the world and compare it to their own experience,” says Conti. Using a specially developed technique incorporating infrared film, Conti explores “the juxtaposition of the figure to the ground, creating sharp and unnatural contrasts between landscape and elements of the human body.”

Mark Conti, Pond Reflection #1.2000, silver gelatin print. Photo courtesy of the artist.