Minna Citron: The Uncharted Course from Realism to Abstration
September 20th, 2012 - November 3rd, 2012

The museum is pleased to present a career-spanning retrospective exhibition of the work of award-winning American painter and printmaker Minna Citron. During a career stretching from the 1930s to the 1980s, Citron's work was at the forefront of developments in modern art, experimenting with cutting-edge styles and techniques from her own unique, self-described feminist perspective. Citron believed strongly in the primacy of individual expression, and this belief led her though what she described as the "uncharted course" of her life and career. From the social realist style of her early work to the abstraction and experimental collages she developed later, the principles underlying her methods remained steadfast as she searched the world around her for inspiration, let herself be guided by her unconscious in much of her work, and expressively captured the essence of her subjects. The JCMA exhibition includes paintings, prints, drawings and mixed media constructions-some of which have never before been exhibited to the public-from throughout Citron's career, and highlights the full creative range of an historically important 20th-century American artist. After its debut at the Juniata College Museum of Art the exhibition will travel to museums in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas and Minnesota. The exhibition is on loan from the artist's granddaughter, Christiane H. Citron.

Image: Minna Citron, Devil's Dance (Provincetown), 1948, gouache on paper, 17 1/2 x 23 1/2". Image courtesy of Christiane H. Citron.