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Curator Jennifer Streb was awarded a Short Term Fellowship at the Winterthur Museum Garden & Library for summer 2014. While in residence at Winterthur, Dr. Streb continued her fall 2013 sabbatical research on the JCMA's collection of portrait miniatures. She and Juniata chemistry professor Richard Hark are working on an exhibition titled The Art & Science of Portrait Miniatures, which is scheduled to open at the JCMA in September 2015. For more information on the work Drs. Streb and Hark are doing please click here.

We are very glad to announce that ceramic artist Roberto Lugo and Roy Young, Curator of Education at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Fallingwater in southern PA, will offer special programs and workshops for children at the JCMA this year. 

On Saturday, October 11, 2014, from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Roberto Lugo offered a workshop at the JCMA for 9- to 12-year olds.   The workshop, in Lugo’s own words:  Have you ever been told you can be what you want? Through clay, one can experience this notion by having unlimited possibilities in the creation process. During this workshop students will be given a tile primed for carving. We will draw, carve and add to the tile to exhibit what we wish to be. At the end of the workshop we will all put our tiles together to show what we look like together—the future.

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Roy Young will offer a program at the JCMA for 8- to 13-year olds. Come for an inspiring and imaginative exchange between beautiful objects: Participants will write poems inspired by abstract art works in the JCMA galleries. The poems will guide each participant during our walk around campus toward a "found object" in Nature. Next, these natural objects will be used in the creation of geometrically abstracted stained glass panels like those that Frank Lloyd Wright famously made and called his "art glass-light screens."

Both programs are free to the public, but space is limited.  To register your child, or for more information, please contact Judy Maloney at 814-641-2691 or at  maloney@juniata.edu

The JCMA has commissioned a public sculpture to be installed on the Museum grounds during Spring semester, 2015. Artist Roberto Lugo is at work on an oversized Greek- and Renaissance-inspired multi-faceted ceramic vase, with a glazed surface decoration incorporating motifs from the interior of Carnegie Hall.

Roy Young, museum educator at Fallingwater, is teaching a course in Museum and Community Partnering for Juniata College that was initiated during the fall semester, 2013, and will be offered again for the fall semester, 2015. In the course, students learn to identify a unique quality or attribute of the Museum’s Collection and combine this with a need in the Huntingdon community, to create an equitable partnership with a local organization.

"Minna Citron: The Uncharted Course from Realism to Abstraction", an exhibition developed by JCMA curator Jennifer Streb in collaboration with the artist's granddaughter, Christiane H. Citron, continues its tour around the country. View the full list of dates and locations.

The Juniata Museum of Art recieved a 2011 Heritage Preservation Grant that allowed the museum to participate in the Conservation Assessment Program (CAP). JCMA was 1 of 101 recipients of the grant nationwide that year, and 1 of 5 in the state of Pennsylvania. The grant covered the cost of a General Collection and Conservation Assessment conducted by a highly trained and experienced conservator. The assessment covered storage and exhibition conditions, the museum environment, fabrication and condition of housing collections and policies and procedures concerning the use of collections. The CAP is meant to help guide museums in continuing implementatioin of best practices in the field, as well as in improving stewardship over collections. The grant also covered the cost of an assessment of Carnegie Hall by a historic preservation specialist, as the condition of the building, and the collections housed within, are interrelated.

Heritage Preservation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the United States. By identifying risks, developing innovative programs, and providing broad public access to expert advice, Heritage Preservation assists museums, libraries, archives, and other organizations in caring for our endangered heritage.