Logo Usage and Permissions Policy

Juniata College has developed a suite of logos, word marks, and related images that together compose the graphic identity of the College. The images are copyrighted and registered as trademarks of Juniata College and any use of those images is subject to approval by the College's marketing office or its designates.

Images covered by this policy include the Juniata College Logo (with or without tagline), the College Seal, the Monogram Logos, Athletics Logos, and the Sustainability Seal. All are governed by established visual and editorial guidelines.

College faculty and staff may use Juniata names, marks, and symbols, according to established visual and editorial guidelines, on materials to be used for general promotion of the institution. However, when merchandise or specialty products such as shirts, ball caps, mugs, pens, etc. are produced, those items are subject to a promotional agreement from the marketing office. This is the case whether the item is to be given away for free or sold for profit.

Any department that would like to produce an item of merchandise should start by contacting Norma Jennings in the marketing office or by submitting a request according to the guidelines below. Questions regarding appropriate use of Juniata names, marks, or symbols, or design approvals may be directed to Gabe Welsch or Rosann Brown in marketing office.

People external to the College may not use Juniata names, marks, or symbols for any promotional or commercial purpose without obtaining the appropriate permission from the College's marketing office.

Obtaining appropriate permission requires that individuals or groups inform the marketing office of their plans for the use and that those plans do not conflict with the interests of the College. To ensure the integrity of the College brand, therefore, uses of Juniata logos must be approved by either 1) Juniata's assistant vice president of marketing, 2) Juniata's executive vice president for advancement and marketing, or 3) Juniata's director of sports information.

Submission Guidelines

To obtain a logo from the College, individuals or groups must submit a request to one of the officers named above that includes the following information:

Upon approval, the College will provide the vendor with the necessary logo to produce the item. Individuals will not be provided camera-ready artwork. The vendor will be given necessary instruction regarding the use of the artwork. If the final item produced differs in any way from the approved proof, the College reserves the right to take appropriate and immediate action.

Web-submitted requests will receive a response, except in special cases, within 5 business days; paper submissions will take up to 15 business days to process.