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History and Overview of Gazette and Journal

The Huntingdon Gazette was the first successful newspaper in the town of Huntingdon and is representative of the larger Juniata River Valley. Local holdings on microfilm begin in late 1806 and end in early 1839. Although not the first paper in Huntingdon, it is the earliest newspaper on microfilm in the collection. The Huntingdon Journal, another early publication, continues the coverage of Huntingdon, beginning in 1835 and ending in 1904.

Local newspapers are integral sources of history and culture in the United States. These newspapers reflect the activities, beliefs, and values of local communities across the country. Scholars, genealogists, and the general public alike can find information relevant to their needs in these sources.

The community of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania is no exception to the general rule. The wider local newspaper collection, of which the Gazette and Journal are included, provides a glimpse into the past of the community in which each member of that community has an investment. The newspapers document the evolution of the community for a period of over two hundred years. The Huntingdon Gazette and Huntingdon Journal are unique to the Huntingdon community. The uniqueness of this information is essential in understanding the history of the community and the evolution of a small, but once thriving, industrial town in central Pennsylvania. Coverage of important local events that shaped the region, and coverage of pivotal state and national events from a local perspective are prevalent within the paper.

The digitization of the Huntingdon Gazette and Huntingdon Journal dovetails with the library’s mission to provide electronic access to materials to our patrons, both from members of the Huntingdon and surrounding communities in the Juniata River Valley; researchers and scholars from across the country; and the students and faculty at Juniata College. Electronic access will make research of these early Huntingdon sources much easier for our wide patron base as it will alleviate the limitations of research that are inherent with the use of microfilm.

Further Reading: "The Press of Huntingdon County" reprinted from J.S. Africa, History of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.