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George T. Dolnikowski Papers

Professor Dolnikowski discusses his papers over sandwiches with Director John Mumford

Emeritus Professor George T. Dolnikowski has bestowed upon Juniata College's Archives some of his most valued scholarly papers and personal documents of a fascinating and challenging life. Certainly Professor Dolnikowksi's life is far from ordinary as a survivor of a German prisoner of war camp of WWII. Materials relating to his early years and time at Juniata College have been presented to the college and will be kept for future research and preservation. One of the highlights is that Professor Dolnikowski has presented manuscripts of notes and drafts of his book This I Remember, From War to Peace. In the easily readable volume, he recounts his life from early years, through World War II, and being a Russian in Cold War America, and a professor at a small college. Filled with thoughts and experiences both poignantly expressive and from the heart, the simple wisdom in the book is compassionate and compelling. Other papers have to do with Professor Dolnikowski's academic career and continued relationship with the college, Church of the Brethren, and Russian Orthodox Church to name a few. The Archives are honored to be the recipients of such an honorable collection.