Juniata Voices

Mission Statement

Juniata Voices is an annual journal dedicated to the exchange of ideas and diverse conversations, in both literary and visual languages, that occur annually at Juniata. Each edition includes contributions originally presented as lectures or performances on campus by Juniata faculty and distinguished speakers and invited performers. Juniata Voices is intended to extend and continue the discussions that occur in the lecture and performance halls, challenge our assumptions, and stimulate further conversations beyond the campus community.

Submission Guidelines & Style Sheet

Submission Guidelines

A few general words of advice to our authors: The purpose of Juniata Voices, as our statement of purpose reads, “is to provide a showcase for the rich variety of intellectually stimulating conversations on the Juniata campus,” and to “encourage ... faculty members to present their scholarly and creative works to the campus community.” Thus we encourage submissions of articles that are written for general audiences. Please do not submit material to Voices and to another journal simultaneously; we assume that any material submitted to Voices is ours exclusively. Voices is not a place for the kind of articles that would appear in peer reviewed journals in scholarly or professional fields. If you should wish to submit a less technical version of an essay to Voices and a more technical version, addressing essentially the same issue, to a journal in your field, please notify the editors at the time you submit your essay to Voices. The editors may ask to be provided with copies of both articles, to assure that no copyrights are being infringed.

Style Sheet

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