Juniata Voices

Editor's Introduction to Juniata Voices Volume 7, 2007

Each year, an overarching theme or intellectual concern is established as a focus for our forum of invited speakers. This year, we operated with the concept of a “Sense of Place.” As a college community we have become increasingly aware of our place on a global level. Recently, Juniata's president, Thomas Kepple, signed a pledge as part of a long-term goal to eliminate global warming emissions. “All colleges must be concerned with reducing or eliminating the environmental footprint we leave on this planet,” Dr. Kepple said. As such, Juniata Voices is proud to be a part of that mission. We've gone green. We pledge to limit our footprint by transforming this publication into an on-line journal while maintaining our commitment to showcase the intellectual and artistic lectures that occur annually on campus. You can find us on the world-wide web from now on.

Thusly, as Juniata Voices grows and evolves, so too has its design and overall appearance. We want the journal to reflect the spirit of this campus and to best reflect and showcase the places where Juniata voices are heard. In this issue's design, we have chosen to highlight students gathering at the Peace Chapel, constructed for Juniata by the landscape architect Maya Lin in 1989. A deceptively simple granite stone construction, this circle is the site of student and faculty gatherings and exchanges of ideas in the tradition of Juniata. It is not merely the quest for answers but the pondering of questions that happens here.

I want to personally extend my heartfelt thanks to the editorial board of Juniata Voices and specifically to James Tuten, who, in the role of acquisitions editor, worked assiduously so that this volume truly reflects the quality and ambitious presentations that occurred on campus this past year. Peter Goldstein, John Downey Benedict Professor of English, assisted us greatly in the selection of poems for this volume. Additional thanks are due to Jason Oakman at Xsalta, LLC for his exceptional design work and professional vision. We are grateful to President Thomas Kepple and Provost James Lakso for their continued support of this journal.

Lastly, Juniata Voices reflects the motto and operative tradition of Juniata—Veritas Liberat—truth sets free. The free and open exchange of intellectual ideas in a welcoming environment promotes interdisciplinary discussions and challenges our safe assumptions. It is the hope that this publication in its new format continues that conversation.


Nancy Siegel, Editor-in-Chief

Juniata Voices