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What is Inbound?

Would you like to meet your classmates and get a taste of college without going to class? Would you like to get to know the surrounding area without taking breaks for homework? If so, join us for INBOUND!

Inbound is a four-day program for Juniata College’s new students. This includes freshmen, transfer students, and international students – anyone who is new to campus. A combination of small group retreats and large group activities help participants meet their classmates, get to know upperclassmen, and become acclimated to campus before classes even begin. With a wide variety of retreat themes to choose from, there’s something for everyone.


Getting Started
Inbound begins on Saturday, August 22, 2015 with Check-in and Move-in from 8am - 12pm. There will be Peer Leaders stationed at each residence hall to assist with move-in and to point you wherever you need to go. The Resident Assistance (RAs) will also be available as you get settled into your room. All Inboundees and their families are invited to the President’s Picnic on the Quad from 11:30am – 1:30pm. At approximately 2 pm, Inboundees and their families will meet in Rosenberger Auditorium as we welcome our participants and say goodbye to the families. Then the students and their families will have time to run any last minute errands before the students will need to return to Rosenberger Auditorium at 3:30pm. Once in the Auditorium the Inbound program will officially begin and the students will be sorted into their retreat groups.

Retreat Groups
A typical retreat group includes 10 first-year students, 2 Peer Leaders, and 1 faculty/staff Advisor.

Retreat Themes
This year there are 17 different retreat themes ranging from Biking and Hiking to Dance and Theatre. When you register online, you will be asked to list your top 5 preferences. We will do our very best to fit each participant into one of their top 3 choices (but we cannot make any guarantees). We do NOT fill spots on a first-come, first-serve basis because we want all participants to enjoy what they’re doing, no matter when they learn about Inbound and find time to register. Visit our “Retreat Opportunities” page for retreat descriptions.

Small Group Retreat Activities
In the small groups, participants will take part in varied activities based on their retreat theme. For instance – the Biking retreat will ride local bike trails, complete a service project with the Raystown Mountain Bike Association and explore Huntingdon by bike, the Theatre retreat will participate in a variety of workshops and tour a historic theatre, the Martial Arts retreat will learn Tai Chi from our very own Dr. Phil Dunwoody and travel to State College for kickboxing. Again, you can visit our “Retreat Opportunities” page for more information.

Large Group Activities
During various times through the Inbound program, individual retreat groups may come together for activities which allow participants to meet even more of their classmates and upperclassmen. Additionally, we’ll all come together for larger group activities which may include fun team competitions, movies, bowling, etc. Even though you won’t be in class, we want to make sure you learn something too. You’ll laugh your way through a nationally known program, Black-Jew Dialogues. And you'll have a great time learning about other cultures at the a Center for International Education sponsored cultural event.

Inbound is a social, transitional program for first-year students. Upon completion of the Inbound program through small and large group activities, students will:

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